Sonja Kill Memorial Hospital
Sonja Kill Memorial Hospital

The Sonja Kill Foundation and HOPE worldwide are pleased to announce that the Sonja Kill Memorial Hospital (SKMH) Outpatient Clinic opened on April 1, 2012.

The SKMH is a charity hospital that was built with the vision to improve the health situation of Cambodians, especially children and expectant mothers, regardless of their ability to pay. In order to realize this vision, the SKMH will be building its services in phases. Since April 2012 the SKMH is providing outpatient services to adult and pediatric patients.

SKMH’s fees will be based on the patient’s ability to pay as determined by a financial assessment. Poor families will be treated for free; patients who can financially contribute to their medical care will be required to pay a fee.

Sonja Kill Memorial Hospital

In the south of Cambodia the medical care of children is totally insufficient. In the entire coastal region with an extension of 443 km there is not a single paediatric hospital. Adequate medical infrastructure for children and well-trained paediatricians are missing.

In a country like Cambodia, where the child mortality is among the highest in Asia and where 9 out of 100 children do not reach their 5th birthday, thousands of children are dying every year from tuberculosis, malaria, dengue fever, respiratory infections and diarrhoeal diseases because there is no adequate medical treatment available.

Realizing the urgent need to act Sonja Kill Foundation in cooperation with Pontifical Missionary Childhood Germany decided to build the Sonja Kill Memorial Hospital for Children in Kampot in order to address the acute suffering of children in the coastal region of Cambodia.

We are looking for support from international donor organisations, private foundations, corporate companies and philanthropic individuals. Severely sick children in Cambodia and their destitute families cannot wait. Will you be able to help?

Please explore this website for further information.